This page is inspired by Derek Sivers and things I’m focused on right now.

WP Fairly

I launched my support service for WordPress websites back in April 2016. It’s my first business and it allows me to experiment a lot. Now that I have loyal recurrent customers, the next step is to scale the business while maintaining the quality of service. That’s why I’m now looking to build partnerships. Please reach out if you want to chat.

Customer Success at Revevol

I joined Revevol in January 2018 to manage the Customer Success for Google Workspace customers. During my time there, I worked with exciting partners and clients like Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft, Solvay, Air Liquide, Chronopost…

Personal improvement

I still hit the gym at least 3 times a week and meditate on a daily basis (10 minutes is enough). This helps me so much manage stress and anxiety, I can’t stop doing it!

I read a lot, but I should read even more. Most of the questions we ask ourselves have been answered already by people smarter than us. To learn, we just need to know where to find those great authors. There is so much amazing content available online. Medium and Quora are media I visit the most.

Focuses for 2019

  • Improving my journaling habit: write in my personal journal more often to better track my goals and progress
  • Getting good at dancing: I love it, but I’m not that good yet. I’ll attend more courses (especially salsa) to be great at it!
  • Diet: I’ve successfully implemented a pescatarian diet last year. It was really hard to get rid of meat but totally worth it. My body is leaner and healthier, and I don’t feel bad about the detrimental impact my food habits can have on the world. The next step is to go plant-based!
  • Greater good: I want to help people improve, get rid of bad habits, become the best versions of themselves. Most of my new side projects in 2019 will be focused on this.
Another exciting year ahead!