This page is inspired by Derek Sivers and things I’m focused on right now.

Scaling WebFairly

I launched my support service for WordPress websites in April 2016. It was my first real business as a solopreneur. Now that product-market fit is more than achieved, and processes formalized and tested, the next step is to scale. To do so, I need to bring more people into it.

Customer Success at Bynder

I joined Bynder in September 2016. I had to move in Amsterdam for that. This SaaS company sells a digital asset management cloud platform for companies struggling to manage a huge quantity of files. My role here is to help their customers get the most out of their investment in the tool. I make sure their goals are met and I do my best to keep them satisfied.

Developing 2 other exciting businesses

In addition to WebFairly, I’m working on two other projects. This time I won’t be alone. The first company will be a SaaS — an industry I know well now — focused on providing developers with a new way to debug their code. The second business deals with hardware… more on that soon!

Free work and volunteering

I’ve helped in the past a non-profit organization called Empow’Her. Its purpose is to promote entrepreneurial initiatives among women. I like their values and how driven their team is. They are expanding worldwide, I’ll try to give them a hand.

Personal improvement

I read a lot, but I should read even more. Most of the questions we ask ourselves have been answered already. To learn, we just need to know where. I’m keeping on reading tons of content on both Medium and Quora. My current read is Tim Ferris’ last book Tools of Titans — which I highly recommend.

Personal health

I do my best to stick to my 3-day-a-week gym schedule. I need it to be focused and to better manage my anxiety. I usually go during lunch breaks when my start-up schedule is not too packed.

Other focus for 2017

  • Write at least 1 article per quarter
  • Caring less about others’ opinions
It’s going to be an exciting year!


Updated on February 20, 2017.